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Thursday, July 21, 2005


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Ben Barren

I am a big fan of the James Ellroy 'LA Quartet' (4 books set from 50's LA America till Nixon period)

Agreed noir is the most enjoyable of 'summer' (and winter !) genres... 'Black Dahlia' by Ellroy, is awesome, which had supposed references to Ellroys mothers unsolved murder in LA in the 50's is groundbreaking... as is LA Confidential and all of Ellroys books incl his biography, very strange eccentric fellow : I went to him reading a chapter of his latest book once, and he rocked up in a hawaiian shirt and his 'spoken word is as bombastic as his books. All his characters are experts in what he calls "Compartmentalisation" (a very modern affliction) His background for Ellroy was also a Wino on the streets so that is also inspiring about what humans can come from and achieve with their potential.

The kind of author I hate because A. i could never write even 10% of what he does and more importantly b. doesnt bring out enough books.. Ill need to get onto Rain Series havent heard of it.. after I read ellroy and elmore leonard (inspiration for Tarantino) ive missed NOIR !

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