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Saturday, June 19, 2004


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Your comment about fear left an impression on me and I am now responding to it many many months later. I think both fear and anger are born out of desire. So in order to overcome fear, one must overcome desire and the way to overcome desire is to first recognize it and then elevate oneself to a higher plane/cause. All easier said than done!



I just wanted to share information about something that has been a huge help with my Social Anxiety (has reduced it by 75% for over a year now.)

It's a free network of free support groups for people with Social Phobia and other Social Anxiety problems.

**(Which by coincidence is based in Boulder, Colorado).**

The name of the organization is-- Social Phobics Anonymous

SPAs' web address is:
Social Phobics Anonymous (also called S.P.A.) uses a 12 step recovery approach, adapted from A.A. and O.C.A. to recover from our Social Anxiety Problems.

In addition to the 12 steps, we also use the principles for healing fear developed by Rhonda Britton in her book "Fearless Living".

**S.P.A. is not opposed to other recovery approaches and a good percentage of SPAs members use our approach in combination with other therapies-- like medication, behavior therapy, exposure therapy, ect with good results.

Tom Wyckoff

Amy. I too am new. Very new, just in the past couple of days. I have come to blogging at the suggestion of a friend in the VC world when I asked him for guidance about getting to know people within the industry, to try to "re-direct" my career. I don't know exactly how I will accomplish this but so far it's been fun. Sort of like if you were to discover a hidden cave in your backyard that you never knew was there. It is exciting and spooky to step in and see where the tunnels lead. Danger? Adventure? Friendship? Treasure? We'll see. I think I am remembering now what it is my kids feel when they come upon an entirely new concept. Thanks for helping to inspire my first step.


Does this mean that you have given up on blogging?

Andrew Batchelor

Hi Amy

Congratulations on your new Blog. Im a newbie to Blogs too. How are you finding Typepad as a Blog tool? Im looking to find a blog tool.

I linked from Brad's site. Im based in Hong Kong and was searching on VC's Blogs. Im working on establishing a China Fund. Couldnt help but follow a link to a namesake. Originally our family emigrated from Britain to New Zealand. Ive been in HK 11 years. Appologies if somehow this type of comment is non-blog etiquette approved..*S* all the best Andrew Batchelor

Derek Scruggs

Yet another congratulation. I just found Brad's blog last night. I'm glad to see you both in the fray. (And it looks like you already have a huge audience. No pressure. :)

Re: fear - it's an awful thing. I've done a self-help type reading in the past year, and it seems to me that most blocks we have come from fear (clutter is another one - read David Allen's "Getting Things Done" to fix that). A big a-ha for me came when I started learning about transactional analysis, popularized by "I'm OK, You're OK" - if you haven't read it, trust me, it's not what you think. "The Power of Now" was another great inspiration, even though I don't think of myself as spiritual.

Fear is all in your head - it's just an emotional, subjective reaction to a situation you've learned to be scared of, probably when you were a child.

Of course, the challenge is how to conquer the fear, or at least make it manageable. This is where cognitive behavioralism was a big help for me, too. Here's one trick that worked for me: wear a rubber band on your wrist for a while and snap it every time you have a negative thought. It sounds silly, but it works. I wore one for about three months last year and it did wonders. The main value is that it trains you to monitor your thoughts and, over time, change them.

I could go on and on. (I already have.) Keep posting. I'm sure you'll figure something out.

susan mernit

Congrats on your blog-and good luck! The great think about blogging is that you can make it exactly what you want it to be.
Jerry's blog inspires me, as well, btw.

gotham gal

Congrats...a new addition for you.


Hi Amy, welcome to Blogistania.

Brad should add an xml link to your site :-)!

I've found a few writerly blog sites that may be of interest: -- experimental new media work -- communal story-telling blog site, with some interesting work Blog by a Pa. based professor and poet and progressive. Who writes very well..


Welcome to your new addiction. ;)

I read on your husband's site (which I just found this morning) that you were looking for writer's blogs. You might enjoy browsing through these two: Living Small ( and Hoarded Ordinaries (

Ed Roberto

Amy - your first thought is indeed a good thought. Fear can be a crippling thing that prevents a lot of good deeds and ideas from getting much beyond the thought stage. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.


Welcome to the this crazy blog planet!

VeerChand Bothra

Welcome aboard Amy. Thats well begun .

P.S. The first two links under "Anchor Point Fund" list are not working.


To blog or not to blog
That is the question
Is it nobler to suffer the
slings and arrows of illiterate posters
Or to take up words against a sea of idiots
and by opposing end them.

Fare thee well.

Peter Caputa

welcome to blogland! i read your husband's blog. it is good to see he got you blogging. my fiance is a much better writer than I, and you give me hope that I'll be able to get her blogging.


Thanks to YOU Amy. The blogoworld (I hate the term "blogsphere") needs more real writers. One of the big issues for me, and it's obvious in my long-windedness, is that too many people are struggling with fairly complex thoughts and issues in too lightly and too shallow a way.

Okay...that's a bit too harsh. Forget judging others. For me, the process has been liberating (read especially my piece "Red Sunflowers" for my thoughts on liberation).

I loved being a reporter and having to plow through writers' constipation because my paycheck depended on it. (Okay, so I use the term "love" with that exquisite nostaglia available only to those who actually aren't doing it. I actually HATED writing on deadline but I know it forced me to be able to let shit go.)

The blog, with my self-imposed limited expectations of brilliance and glory, has been fun. Writing is fun. What a quaint thought, eh?

Anyway, welcome...and check out Jason Chervokas who's using the form to publish his novel.

Brad Feld

Welcome to my favorite blogmeister in the blogospher.

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