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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


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I have been spending this lovely Friday here at work catching up on your blogs. Your pictures are amazing and your descriptions make those of us that don't have fond memories of Paris, long to go back and experience the Paris that you describe.

As for the time zone issue, I am right there with you. I just rely on the patience of the people I am mistakenly calling at 3am because my math was wrong.

Dave Jilk

Seems to me we could all just use Universal time, and a consistent date. It's not like the sun comes up at the same time every day anyway. In Australia it's summer in December, why can't it also be daytime at 2am? And why is the number of the year still based on an arbitrary date somewhere near (within a few years) the time a particular religious figure was born?


Hey, I can't remember punch lines either. Did you hear the one about how Einstein couldn't remember ... err ... I forgot the rest of it...

If you guys are looking to indulge, I remember ledoyen..., which is where, I believe, Napoleon and Josephine dined...


Ma chere Amy,

J'aime bien une horloge comme celle-ci pour ne pas confondre l'heure a l'est et a l'ouest:


Et puis, moi aussi je ne me rappelles jamais ou j'ai stationne ma voiture!!! En faite, une journee, ca ma pris une heure pour retrouver ma voiture a l'aeroport. :-)

Ton mari m'as dit que tu t'ennuies a Paris alors je t'envoi un petit mot. On s'occupe de lui pendant que tu est en France!



Amy - Bon jour à vous. Aujourd'hui j'espère que vous êtes happy....


:) Glad I'm not the only one that struggles with this! I have the fun of trying to keep your husbands calendar in the right time zone so next week when he's back in Paris I'll be checking every day to make sure the calls I've set up are really on his calendar at the right time :)

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