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Monday, July 25, 2005


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Ben Barren

80 pages in Amy - I am so happy. Keep reading before Brad gets back. I had a friend read 300 pages in a few days, but he was still beaten (3 months)... it does get better and I wish I had monitored the footnotes better the first time, because I will never be DFW pure again (wish i was joking) Glad to see you have a dictionary there..

Amy Batchelor

I read about 80 pages last night and am definitely hooked. Using my dictionary frequently (palaver, prolix, and (almost) all of the pharmaceutical terminology. He has more of an eye for the grotesque than the sublime (so far). I remember reading some portion of this in The New Yorker. Would be hard to forget some of his vivid (grotesque) imagery. Ben C, don't be afraid -- jump in here with me.

Ben Barren

My friends and I have a competition (about 10 of us who have read it) Who can read it the fastest the first time. (once you have read it once, you supposedly have to read the first chapter again to get the conclusion, which is where you start - "The Infinite Jest" : But anyway, the shortest reading time is something like 10 weeks, and some people (myself included didnt read all the footnotes such first time, picking the morsels such as the submerged film script/subtext - who else would do that except DFW:)

I can promise by about page 20 it gets really enjoyable :) and if you read it in under 10 weeks you are the new Infinite Jest Champion ! Good luck, it is fun, really, wickedly. (never was the word wicked so appropriate) Once you read page 1 though the clock is on. No stop/start stopwatch thing... (a bit like trying to read James Joyce)

Ben Casnocha

oh man Amy, i'm gonna have to read it now too. I haven't had the balls to crack Infinite Jest yet and just mustered the courage to think about reading Atlas Shrugged (instead of digging into the latest Harvard Biz Review or another easy reading biz book) but what the hell, i'll do Infinite Jest and see if i can beat you to a blog post/book review about it. It's gonna take me awhile, no sweat!

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