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Friday, August 19, 2005


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Dave Jilk

I like the term "radical atheist" even though it is redundant... seems like it would help to avoid that "don't you mean 'agnostic' conversation?

People who say they are agnostics are merely atheists who have not thought too hard about what knowledge is. The formal meaning of Agnostic is that one *cannot* know whether there is a God. But this position makes no sense, as Dawkins and Adams points out -- no one obsesses about the idea that we can't REALLY know whether there is a Santa Claus. If you believe that there is not enough evidence to conclude that there is a God... then your working assumption is that there is not a God. Which makes you an atheist.

I've had the same view as Adams on the "hedging" issue. If there is a God and she is so egotistical and mean-spirited as to damn me for simply using the rational faculty that she gave me to the best of my ability, well, that isn't a God I can worship anyway, it sounds more like a tyrant CEO than an omniscient, omnipotent being. But this is normally just an explanation I give when people ask me whether I should hedge -- I really don't see any need to in any case.

By the way, www.radicalatheists.com/org are available...

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