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Monday, August 08, 2005


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Christopher Howe




Seems like an interesting, but quite complicated book.

B# major is indeed a key. C# is the highest you'll see written in the key signature of a piece (it has 7 sharps). Beyond C#, you go into double sharps. Double sharps aren't written in a key signature, but you'll find them throughout the piece. So, I suppose "officially" B# doesn't exist, but it's there. ;)

orion elenzil

i just finished IJ for the second time and was looking up Ascapartic from my list of unknown words and found your list of unknown words!

Here's mine:

ben -
i think it's safe to say that the first chapter takes place after the last chapter.

he plays pretty fast and loose with time. for example notice now the whole steeply/marathe cliffside evening is spread out over like a month or more of action in other storylines.

Charlie Uniman

Haven't read Infinite Jest. But I have struggled to finiah "Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity," David Foster Wallace's brilliant treatment of the mathematics of infinity. I'm amazed at Foster Wallace's depth of understanding of the math.

Ben Casnocha

An impressive feat. I'm embarassed to say that I took a break from the book 200 pages in. As you mentioned in one of your posts as you were reading it, it takes a lot of work and effort. I got really busy and couldn't devote the steady effort to looking up all the words, etc. I will come back to DFW soon, but for now I'm working on a bunch of other books.

Looks like we may have another overlap - An End to Suffering - is on my desk.

Ben Barren

Congrats. So impressed, definitely the quickest reader of it I know. Most people take breaks.

Re the ending, most 'experts' of which Im certainly not, say you are supposed to read the first chapter again to get to the conclusion. ie the first chapter is the final chapter. The title of the book is supposed to also reflect on this little trick. When i first read it i was so expecting the big bang... and what happened ?

Congrats again. I'm enjoying some of those new words of yours.

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