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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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Joy in the beauty of the natural world, pure animal luxurience in the warmth of the sun, the sound, sights, smells of the world, glee, awe, fear, terror, sadness, grief, intense response to injustice, remorse, the longing for the loved during separation, homesickness and the pull of the homeplace, nostalgia, when you've been carried away from it -- the emotions and sensations of my childhood are many, deep and precious. I wouldn't go back for any price.


Amy... I'm leading a reading group tomorrow on HISTORY OF LOVE, and your site got Googled. Thank you for perfectly describing the "physical symptoms of true aesthetic pleasure" as I found it hard to describe the sobbing laughter that was my personal punctuation at the end of this extraordinary novel. Books rarely get me crying (although Foer's EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED did also, with a very heavy Holocaust scene after all those great giggles), though dance, figure skating, film, & Springsteen's THE RIVER affect me often (visual/auditory paths, I think, more easily short-circuit left brain analysis). Hopefully, some words will find me by 7 p.m., otherwise I may revert to the Age of Gestures, pointing urgently at the blue book and nodding vigorously!

By the way, Ruiz Zafon's SHADOW OF THE WIND is a distant cousin to HISTORY, a terrific read, a little less intense.

Thanks for the space to think. Renee

gotham gal

I loved it too. The comparisons between her and her husband would make for a great conversation.

Ben Casnocha

You will have to tell me sometime about the real sadness of childhood! But this post made me really look forward to the future...

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