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Saturday, March 18, 2006


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Man, you have no sense of humor! Well I'm getting older and I hope I don't have a stick so far up my ass at your age as to think a movie (intended to be funny) would irk me that much. If you would rather watch the Sapranos or 24, I would say you need to take your fat ass off the couch and go for a run or try reading a book. Those things tend to losen up the retentiveness in the rectum.

Renee Berberian

Hi Amy, Never saw this one, but love the Sopranos. How do they make "T" so violent and yet so lovable?


I have to see this movie !!! Didn't hear about it, here... (from Paris rive gauche LOL).
(you got 2 golden , such a great woman !)
Have a nice sunday ;) and thanks for the blogroll...

Dave Jilk

We men are not really like that, we just *wish* we were.

You should have held out, I remember thinking it was a little slow at the beginning.


I saw the movie and thought that it was a huge waste of $7.75, but I will say that I did get 25 cents of enjoyment out of watching a man get his chest waxed. They really don't appreciate the lengths that we go to...


I agree with you and the 40 year old virgin only I didn't see it or watch 20 minutes of it. I gathered it stunk from the previews but funny thing... I work with a lady who is in a small circle of friends who are in their late 40's to late 50's and are doing the online dating thing. Once these ladies are out for the night with these internet dates, things get pretty crazy. The stories of fast cars, booze, crying fits once drunk, bicycle rides on golf courses and so on lead me to believe that there are people out there that 'just want to have fun' and do whatever at any cost to impress their dates. I am younger and like you married so I guess our breed is altogether different!

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