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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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Marc Meyer

Is it just me, or do others find it suspect that bears can live off of (and hibernate off of) blueberries and birdseed?

I'm convinced that when no one's looking they chow down at the local steakhouse. Except Alaskan bears, who we know carry their barbeques into the middle of streams choked with salmon.

great pics!

Jeff Hansen

Hello! I work with Return Path and have been subscribing to "Feld Thoughts" for sometime know. I had to click through to see the bear pics and I noticed you have recommended a book by Cormac McCarthy. I started reading him in high school and have always loved his work, particularly "All the Pretty Horses".

Anyways, I haven't read "the road", but I will get on that!




Very cool to see a bear right ourside your front door. Reminds me of South Africa (although we had elephants :) )



Nice pics. However, I'm not sure what's got me more in shock, the bear outside your window or Brad looking so darn distinguished and respectable at what seems like a Kentucky Derby event or something in the pic on the upper left of your blog :)

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