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Saturday, January 10, 2009


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Tara Anderson

Amy, thanks for sharing this incredible exchange. It's interesting what happens when you start putting yourself out there in an online sense because you start to attract a unique sort of attention, as you can attest. I love that this Dr. inspired you to risk even more.

After I had been blogging for a year (on a work-related blog, no less), I had the "honor" of being named a bangable blog babe by a guy calling himself Maddog. Experiences like this are good for two things: excellent jokes and blog content (http://talltara.com/burdens-of-being-a-bangable-blog-babe/).

Looking forward to reading more!


Tonight I download the Feld iPhone app and that is where I read your post. Pretty bizarre and sad. Sad that someone, especially a doctor, would have something in their life that would engender that level of meanness. This is a poor attempt at levity but hopefully he can blame it on alcohol.

David Cohen

C is for coo-coo. well played.

"Calling Dr. Wackjob - please report to the psych lab for your full frontal lobotomy."

Gotham Gal

I get crazy comments too...particularly people who love to go off on my views. My answer is, don't read me. Ignore people like that. You are not having conversations with people grounded in your reality. That's life in the virtual world.

nancy compton

Amy - From the comments, those that appreciate your writing outnumber those that visit your blog and do not.

Your recent posts since the new year are ones that cause thought and reflection. I, for one, am thankful that you have chosen to forgo the occasional negative comment to share your view with us that appreciate it.

You handled it with grace...

Happy New Year...looking forward to the letter D.

Micah Baldwin

There are a couple of thoughts that come to mind.

1) The concept of being ashamed for one's religion or ethnicity or whatever. There are two definitions of ashamed that I know of: a) feeling guilt; or b) feeling inferior.

In order to feel inferior, one usually is felt excluded from a larger group and when those feelings of inferiority are based on ones race, religion, gender, sexual identity or whatever, I see it as a failing of the larger group to be accepting, than of the individual's inability to change who they are.

When people have asked if I am ashamed of being Jewish, which if anyone spends more than 60secs with me will realize I wear my Jewishness on my sleeve--literally (which I am using correctly, so help me god I hope), I ask, "if I were ashamed, would be it my fault or society's?"

My biggest issue with american society is the requirement that a single entity shoulder blame, rather than collectively assuming that burden.

2) Being the, well, character I am, I deal with a ton of BS on a daily basis. My tact is always the same. I pat them on the head, give them a lollipop, and send them outside to play. Nice work Amy. I only hope that this one idiot doesnt sour your desire to blog. Otherwise where else would I be humbled by absolute perfect grammar, spelling and structure?

Julie Anne McNary

And S is for "Speechless", "Stunned", with a dash of P is for "Psychotic", "Pathetic", a vein of V is for "VERY angry on your behalf," and a big huge W is for "What the hell?"

My god, Amy, I cannot believe this exchange. On the eve of one of the most hopeful times in our desperately-in-need of hope country, I cannot believe that someone, perhaps even (although I just don't know what to believe at this point) a doctor or mental health specialist, would be so petty, so poorly behaved, and so randomly aggressive.

Whomever you are, Doctor in Boulder, get help soon! Nice People at Harvard and Wellesley are all watching you RIGHT NOW and we don't like what we see!!!

Hoping for the best,
Julie Anne

Joel Kehle

Sounds like the not-so-good "doctor" needs some therapy.

Please keep on writing and sharing no matter what kind of crazies come out of the woodwork.

Your words are a delight.


That's a case-study in how to deal with an online bully. The change once he fears his behavior will be made public shows what a little man he really is. I'm just sorry you had to devote so much energy to dealing with him.

Experiences like that threaten to make me cynical about human nature. I try to keep some balance by remembering all the random acts of kindness strangers have done for me, but it's tough.

Cheryl Peirce

In your case, C is also for classy, contemplative, compassionate, and occasionally comically-intense. (I cheated.) In my case, C is for comment-my first ever, inspired by this post. Yay you. Yay me.

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