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Friday, November 09, 2012


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My deepest condolences. I found out about Kenai's passing via Ben Casnocha.

We experienced a similar loss earlier this year when our beloved dog Kobe passed away, 5 months after being diagnosed with incurable cancer.

Her quick passing was indeed a painful blessing; it was only 36 hours from when she first showed any symptoms to when she passed away. Until then, she was as happy and energetic as ever.

Her illness also gave us enough time to bring the kids to visit her in the animal ICU.

We still grieve for her, but we spend most of our time thinking about the many happy memories.

Laura Fitton

thanks for sharing Kenai and Brooks with us, and i hope the pain of your grief fades swiftly.


I am grateful that you shared Kenai's final moments with us, as well as his handsome photos. May God find a way to fill the hole that Kenai's passing has left in your heart. I am so, so sorry for your awful loss.

Jana Matthews

Hi Amy - So sorry to hear that Kenai and Denali are both gone. The pictures brought back so many memories. Glad you have Brooks to comfort you - and that Brooks has you to comfort him. The unconditional love dogs give us is truly a gift. My thoughts are with you. Hugs from Adelaide. Jana


Kenai was a good dog! Sorry to hear of his passing.


I'm so sorry to hear that! How is Brooks handling it? Serious condolences to both of you.

Daniel Feld

Sadness indeed! Thanks for sharing the news and pictures Amy. Big hugs to you and Brad.


I always thought dogs were God's way of showing us humans how far we have yet to evolve before we achieve divinity.


You can see the loving personality in those pictures. Beautiful dog.

Pamela Solon

Amy, your photos of Kenai are simply gorgeous. Somehow you capture his stateliness as a dog. Handsome, regal Kenai. What a good dog. Sending you the warmest and tightest of hugs.

vinnie mirchandani

Sorry to hear that. We have a 15 year old beagle, Peanuts and keep dreading a similar day. Glad you enjoyed him for as long as you did, and we are enjoying his second (or third or fourth) youth. Beagles stay playful all their lives..


My condolences, Amy. Dogs are family.




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